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007 (Happy 80th Birthday)  ***Added 12/01/2018***
1st Birthday (Anthony)
1st Birthday (Number One Cake)
1st Holy Communion (Chalice, Host)
1st Holy Communion (Chalice, Children's Names on Hosts)
1st Holy Communion (Holy Bible)
1st Holy Communion (Holy Bible, Rosary)
25th Anniversary (Tom & Brenda)
40th Anniversary (Realtor)
40th Birthday (Karen)
50th Birthday (This Bud's for You)
Abby Cadabby (New Sesame Street Character)
Advice for the New Mom
Air Jordan Nike (Happy Birthday Ashley) 
Alice in Wonderland (Congratulations)  ***Added 08/06/2018***
All-Star Uniform
Alzheimer's Fund Raiser
Animals (Happy 1st Birthday Ayaan)
Animals (Happy 2nd Birthday Shia)
Arlington Catholic
Avi Green Logo
Baby Boy (It's a Boy)      
Baby Boy (Thank Heaven)
Baby Einstein (Happy 1st Birthday Adele)  
Baby Girl (It's a Girl)      
Baby Girl (Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice)
Baby Girl in Carriage (Congratulations)
Baby Girl is on the Way
Baby Socks
Baby Shower (Marissa)
Backyardigan: Pablo the Penguin
Backyardigan: Uniqua
Barn Animals (Happy 2nd Birthday Callum)
Bart Simpson
Baseball Cupcakes
Basketball - Orange Men 2006-2007
Batgirl (Happy 4th Birthday Ashley)  
Batman (Happy Birthday Christopher)
Beauty and the Beast (Happy 3rd Birthay Ashlynn)
Beaver (Happy 6th Birthday Mauve) 
Bernie Sanders "Feeling the Bern"  
Best Wishes (A Baby is a Special Treasure)
Best Wishes Luciana, Jessie & Baby
Betty Boop (Happy Birthday Freddie)
Betty Boop (Happy Birthday Marian)  
Betty Boop (I'm Back)  
BHS 2006 Auction
Billy the Puppet (Saw Movie)
Birthday Bear with Lei
Blues Brothers
Blues Clues
Boston Celtics
Boston Celtics/Redsox/Bruins/Patriots    
Boston Bruins Hockey Puck
Boston Bruins Shirt
Boston Ladder 2
Boston Red Sox
Boston Red Sox Cap (Happy Birthday Mark and Nicholas)    
Boston Red Sox Shirt
Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees
Bratz Genie Magic
Brawndo Drink
Breast Awareness Month      
Breast Cancer 2010
Breast Wishes (Red Corset)
Buccaneers (Massachusetts Maritime)
Bugs Bunny (Happy 1st Birthday Julian)
Builder Bob
Cambridge Police Department
Camp Rock (Lexi's 9th Birthday)
Can of Baked Beans
Can of Spam (Image 1)  (Image 2)
Care Bear
CD Holder
Celebrate Baby Robert
Chalet (Jack's 65th Birthday)
Chanel Handbag
Charles River/Longfellow Bridge
Chiropractic (Happy Birthday)
Christian Education Sunday
Christmas (Oh Come All Ye Faithful)
Cigar (Happy 70th Birthday)
Clam Bake (Lobsters, Corn-on-the-Cob, Watermelon)
Class of 2007
Clifford the Big Red Dog
Cookie Monster (Happy 1st Birthday Christian)
Cookie Monster (Happy 24th Birthday Asrate)                      
Construction Site  (Image 1)    (Image 2)
Cross Cupcakes (God Bless....) 
Cupcake Baseballs
Cupcake Flowers
Cupcake Tomatoes
Cupcake Tower
Cupcake Tower (Red, White & Blue)
Cupcakes (Birthday)
Curious George (Happy 3rd Birthday Jabe & Lem)
Curious George (Happy Birthday Tina)  
Dart Board
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Dinosaurs (T-Rex & Stegosaurus)
Disciple Graduates
Disney Princesses
Dollars for Scholars 2003
Dollars for Scholars 2008
Dolphins (Jeff's 22nd Birthday)
Dora the Explorer and Boots
Dora the Explorer (Halloween Birthday)
DiVine Adventures
Dr. Suess Characters (Happy 1st Birthday Spencer)
Dr. Suess Characters (Happy 5th Birthday Soleil)
Dude (Happy Birthday)  ***Added 12/01/2018***
East Cambridge Scholarship Fund  
East End House
Eastern Logo
Elderly Couple (Congratulations)
Electric Guitar (Fender)
Elmo (Sesame Street)
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley (To the Queen; From the King)
Esther and Sam (Congratulations)
Farm Animals (Daniel's 3rd Birthday )
Fire Truck (Kavi & Sean's 4th Birthday)
Flu Germ
Food Drive (US Post Office Letter Carriers)
Football (Go Patriots)
Football Helmet (Buffalo Bills)
Footprints for Children
Get Fit MIT 2009 - 2010
Graduation Class of 2006 (Jess)
Graduation Class of 2006 (Mark)
Graduation Class of 2007 (Earnest)
Graduation Class of 2008 (Kerri)
Graduation Class of 2009
Graduation Class of 2009 (Maddie and Kaitelyn)
Graduation Class of 2010 (Elise)
Graduation Class of 2010 (Michael)
Graduation Diploma (Shephard Hill Regional High School)
Graduation Diploma (Sutton Memorial High School)
Graduation UMass Boston 2010 (Matthew)
Grassman Logo
Grinch (Dominic's 4th Birthday)  ***Added 12/01/2018***
Happy Birthday Abdulmajid
Happy Birthday Arysa 
Happy Halloween
Happy Holidays 2008
Harry Potter (Meghan's 6th Birthday)
Heineken Beer
Hello Kitty (Lexi's 6th Birthday)
Hello Kitty (Emma's 11th Birthday)
Hello Kitty (Liz's 21st Birthday)
Hip Hop (Nathaniel's 2nd Birthday)
Home Sweet Home
House of 1000 Corpses (Matt's Birthday)
Ice Skating (Bea's 3rd Birthday)
Ice Skating Scene (Lexi's 9th Birthday)
Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
Jennifer Lopez (Watch Out!)
Jonas Brothers
Kidney Transplant
Kim (Cheerleader)
Koala (What do you mean, I'm not a Bear)
Lady Bug Cupcakes     
Liquid Metal
Lion King (Pumbaa and Timon)
Louie Vuitton Bag
Love Cakes (four)
M&M Characters
Man's Face
Mario (Christian's 6th Birthday)
Mattel Logo
Max and Ruby (Bunnies)
Medford Girls' Hockey (Image 1)  (Image 2)
Medford Police (Congratulations) 
Mermaid Cupcakes Cake 
Mickey and Minnie (Retirement)  
Mickey Mouse (Thank You)
Mickey Mouse and Curious George (Happy 4th Birthday)
Mickey Mouse Carrying a Cake (Happy Birthday Natasha)
Minnie Mouse
MITSloan (Congratulations Steve)
Moose Head on Fire Place Stoned Wall
Motorcycle (Happy 12th Birthday)
Motorcycle (Happy 30th Birthday)
My Little Pony BLUE (Marina's 5th Birthday)
My Little Pony RARITY
My Little Pony WHITE (Roesli's 5th Birthday)
Necco Candy
New York City
Night of the Living Dead
Nurse Items (Congratulations)
Onesie (It's a Girl)  
Oreo Cookie  
Oscar the Grouch (Sesame Street)
Owls (Welcome Baby Torin) 
Panda Bear (Happy Birthday Panda) 
Penguin (Asher's 1st Birthday)  
Peppermint Patty
Pepperoni Pizza (Congratulations)
Pink Doggie
Pink Lady Bug (Jane's 1st Birthday)
Plastic Beach
PlayStation 3
Pokemon (Naetle, Hikozaru and Pochama)
Poker (Happy Birthday Will)
Poker World Series
Portuguese Flag (Alex's Birthday)
Power Puff Girls
Power Rangers
Princess Tiana (The Princess & the Frog)
Pusheen the Cat (Happy Birthday Grace)
Race Car
Raggedy Ann (Happy 1st Birthday Avery)
Raggedy Ann (Happy Birthday Magalie)
Rarity - My Little Pony
Rated XXX Tapes
Rocky and Bullwinkle
Roller Skates (Happy 8th Birthday Aidan)
Roulette Wheel
Rugrats (Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica)
Saint Francis of Assissi Church
Sam I Am (Happy 1st Birthday)
Saxophone (Happy Birthday William)
Scooby Doo (Happy 5th Birthday Sean)
Scooby Doo (Halloween Birthday)
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil (Monkeys)
Senior Citizens Beauty Contestant Winners
Sesame Street (Big Bird, Cookie Monster and Elmo)
Sesame Street Character's Faces
Sex and the City (Happy Birthday Lauren)
Skate Boarding
Skeleton Pirate
Slot Machine "Triple 7"
Slytherin (Harry Potter)
Special Oylmpic Logo
Spider (Happy Birthday Rahul)   
Spiderman and the Green Goblin
Sponge Bob
Sponge Bob and Homer Simpson (Happy 11th Birthday)
Spring Concert 2005
Starbucks Logo
Star Wars
Stewie from Family Guy  
Strawberry Shortcake
Stuart Little
Sugar and Spice
Summertime (Clam Bake)
Super Bowl XXXIX (New England Patriots)
Surfing (Happy 13th Birthday Mairead)
Swimming Pool
Teddy Bears (Congratulations)
Thanks for your Ministry
Thanksgiving (Try a Ham)
The Cat in the Hat (Happy Birthday Harry)
The Cat in the Hat (Happy Birthday Ashton)
The Green Toenails Gang
The Hunger Games (Catching Fire)
The Lion King
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Thing 1 & Thing 2 (The Cat in the Hat)
Thomas & Friends (Charlie's 3rd Birthday)
Thomas & Friends (Rohit's 4th Birthday)  
Thomas the Tank Engine (Ashton's 2nd Birthday)
Tim Toomey Logo
Toga Toga
Tomato Cupcakes
Toy Machine Skateboarding Logo
Transformer (Happy 4th Birthday Lem)
Transformers (Happy 4th Birthday Jabe)
Trinity College (Class of 2016)  ***Added 07/29/2018 ***
True Blood
TSC Child Care Inc.
Twilight (Happy Birthday Andrea)
UMass Boston (Congratulations Matthew)
United States Marine Corp (Image 1)  (Image 2)
United States Navy
Wally the Green Monster
Wedding Dress (cupcakes)  ***Added 02/01/2018***
Wedding Shower
Welcome Baby Elijah
Welcome Baby John Thomas
Welcome Friends
Winnie the Pooh Congratulations
Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet (Best Wishes)
Women Prepared to Serve the Lord
Yoda (Happy 13th Birthday Jarod)    



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